Welcome to my archive of writings.

I am an arts writer based in southern Sweden. My main interests are altered states of consciousness, spirituality and subcultural movements. I have specialist knowledge in psychedelic culture and art.

I am the editor of The Oak Tree Review, a website dedicated to the history of psychedelia.

I write articles, essays, reviews and presentations of art exhibitions. I am also a translator in the field of contemporary art.

Henrik Dahl photographed in 2017.

In order to acquire a better understanding of psychedelic imagery, one needs to look at psychedelic culture as a whole. Its history consists of a somewhat complex mix of cultural references, which are often filled with symbols and signs, many of which initially had little or nothing to do with psychedelics. Therefore, being a researcher of psychedelia simultaneously entails making research in several different fields such as anthropology, religion, history, the arts, the esoteric, psychology and medicine. Only by using this eclectic, interdisciplinary approach is it possible to reach an understanding of why a certain motif is used in psychedelic art.

Quote taken from We Ate the Acid: A Note on Psychedelic Imagery


”An Introduction to Eroto-Psychedelic Art” (The Fenris Wolf 10, autumn 2020)

”Psychedelics in the Age of Sexual Liberation” (Psychedelic Press XXX, spring 2020)

”Wicked Ecstasy: Altered States in The Name of the Rose” (The Oak Tree Review, 2019)