Henrik Dahl (b. 1972)

Arts writer based in southern Sweden

Published in (listed alphabetically) Arbetaren, Ekarkivet, The Fenris Wolf, Filter, Fria Tidningen, Kolet, The Oak Tree Review, Psychedelic Press, Reality Sandwich,, Tidningen Kulturen, Trans:Wizje, and several others

Editor of The Oak Tree Review, a website dedicated to the history of psychedelia

Translator (Swedish, English); past clients include contemporary art biennial Bästa Biennalen, art publisher Woodpecker, and the artists Ditte Ejlerskov and Jens Henricson

Copy editor; past clients include Woodpecker and Aska förlag


”Journalistlinjen”; practical course in journalism, Skurups folkhögskola, 2009-2010

”Schamanism” and ”New age”; courses in the Science of Religion, Gävle högskola, 2009

Bachelor of Social Science in Social Anthropology, Lund University, 2001; the degree includes courses in Art History and Linguistics

Papi no. 16/17.


Contributor to Psychedelic Press (2013-) and The Fenris Wolf (2014-)

Guest editor of art and literature magazine Papi no. 16/17, editing an issue on intoxication together with visual artist EvaMarie Lindahl; contributors include solo dancer Virpi Pahkinen, art historian Lars Bang Larsen, and many others, 2012

Invited to discuss psychedelic culture at the event ”Nördcafé” during the exhibition Mindblowing! at Form/Design Center in Malmö, Sweden together with poet and journalist Clemens Altgård, 2011

Editor of subculture and arts blog Ekarkivet (in Swedish), 2009-2012


Henrik Dahl photographed in 2017.
Henrik Dahl photographed in 2011.