Below are some of the print anthologies, journals and magazines that have featured my writings.

Publication: The Fenris Wolf, issue no. 10 (Ed. Carl Abrahamsson), Trapart, 2020
Featured text: ”An Introduction to Eroto-Psychedelic Art”

Publication: Psychedelic Press XXX (Ed. Nikki Wyrd), 2020
Featured text: ”Psychedelics in the Age of Sexual Liberation”

Publication: The Fenris Wolf, issue no. 8 (Ed. Carl Abrahamsson), Trapart, 2016
Featured text: ”We Ate the Acid: A Note on Psychedelic Imagery”

Publication: Out of the Shadows: A Cornucopia from the Psychedelic Press (Eds. Robert Dickins and Tim Read), Muswell Hill Press, 2015
Featured text: ”Seismographic Psychedelia: The Direct Influence of Psychedelics on Art”

Publication: The Fenris Wolf, issue no. 7 (Ed. Carl Abrahamsson), Edda Publishing, 2014
Featured text: ”Visionary Design: An Exposition of Book Covers in Psychedelic Literature”

Note: The issue also features the last published text by late psychedelic researcher Patrick Lundborg.

Publication: Psychedelic Press UK 2013 Volume 2 (Ed. Robert Dickins)
Featured text: ”Seismographic Psychedelia: Reflections on the Direct Influence of Psychedelics on Art”

Note: This was my first article in the then newly founded print journal Psychedelic Press UK (aka Psypress UK). The issue also includes pieces from writers/researchers such as Ben Sessa, Andy Roberts, Roger Keen and Stanislav Grof.

Publication: Papi Tidskrift, no. 16/17 (Eds. Henrik Dahl and EvaMarie Lindahl), 2012
Featured text: Foreword

Note: Papi Tidskrift was a palm-sized literature and art journal produced in Malmö, Sweden. In 2012, artist EvaMarie Lindahl and I co-edited an issue dedicated to the topic of intoxication.

Publication: Filter, no. 28, 2012
Featured text: ”Alternativ Terapi” (lit. ”alternative therapy”)

Note: Perhaps as a sign of the ”mainstreaming of psychedelics,” Swedish newsstand magazine Filter did a feature on ayahuasca in 2012. Complementing it was my text on underground psychedelic therapy in Lund, Sweden in the 1980s.

Publication: Trans/Wizje, no. 2, 2012
Featured text: ”A Correspondence with Tim Scully” (translated into Polish)